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A love dog is one who yearns for something unseen, unspoken. Rumi says that a dog’s moaning for his Master IS the connection with the Master. This book is a map for discovering and working with the depths of your own soul.

Through her personal stories and principles, Patricia shows us how to become a love dogs in tender union with our truest selves. She reminds us to enter bravely into a new inner landscape of self-compassion, kindness, relationships, inspiration and more soulful relationships.

Becoming a Love Dog offers a system to support you to live your life more fully, tenderly, honestly, skillfully, passionately, and authentically. It encourages an emotionally mature way to cope with life and ease your heartache. In the arena of body acceptance, for example, Patricia models moving from weight depression, through old judgments, to loving your body and increasing your self-esteem.


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What Others are Saying:

  • Becoming a Love Dog is a lyrical, poetic, and moving nudge toward what really matters—opening to the joys and sorrows. without judgment, that give life fizz. If your life has lost its keen edge, or if you are seeking deeper meaning and fulfillment, let Patricia Flasch be your guide.”

    - Larry Dossey, MD and Author of
      Healing Words And The Power Of Premonitions
  • “An inspiring read. Filled with wisdom and heart, this book provides a powerful, loving invitation as well as clear guidance for living one’s life in deep, soul-centered authenticity.”

    - Denys Cope, RN, BSN, and Author of
      Dying: A Natural Passage
  • “What I liked was learning that anguish has a sacred purpose: tapping on God’s shoulder.”

    - Ashisha, Mothering Magazine
  • “Patricia is the way of the mirror for me and for so many. There is no one who has ever given me the glimpse, allowed the inklings to emerge and flower, as she has.”

    -Michael Nicola, Realtor
  • “There is strength of simplicity, complexity, and depth in the manner you convey all in this book. I felt under a spell.”

    – Karen DiTrapani, Shamanic Coach


Also available from Patricia:

  • Couples Supporting Couples, co-written by Patricia, her husband, David and her dear friends Amba and David Chittak Caldwell. This book is available in electronic format.
Santa Fe Coach Patricia Flasch shares how you can ease your heartache, move from weight depression to loving your body and self esteem, and to cope with life in emotionally mature ways.

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“I feel, after wonderful work with Patricia, that I am beginning to learn to self-coach, to find my way in the world by using tools, language, imagery, and self compassion - which is who she is.”

- Hilary L.